A small team with big ambitions

We are a collection of software developers, system architects, and client support specialists based in Ontario, Canada. We make Fusion, powerful recreation management software that is used by many of the leading schools and colleges in North America.

InnoSoft was founded in 2006 and the first version of Fusion was released in September 2008. The company was started by Brian Foster and Jeff Berg, two tech entrepreneurs with a shared love of competitive sports and building great software. From a basement in Waterloo, Ontario, InnoSoft has expanded to become a market leader in the recreation management sector. Now a team of 26, with offices in Waterloo and London, InnoSoft continues to grow faster than ever, by continuing innovation and product development.

Our Players

We're incredibly proud of our people. We come from a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds, connected by a shared belief in creating great software that people want to use.

Tony oversees the Implementation, Support and Development teams at InnoSoft. Tony is committed to providing clients with a first-class experience evidenced by his hands-on approach and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right. He is an extremely proud LSU Tigers alum and knowledgeable foodie.

Tony Autin

Director of Operations, Mooresville, NC
Reid is a co-op student from Conestoga College where he returns in September 2016. Reid loves to learn and experience anything and everything InnoSoft has to offer, as he hones his development skills. On his off time Reid loves gaming, reading, and watching Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Reid Ball

Software Developer, Waterloo, ON
Jeff co-founded InnoSoft, and is responsible for overall product and technology strategy. Jeff brings over 20 years of software development experience, as a developer, designer, systems architect, and tech entrepreneur. He is a hands-on leader, mentor and coach to InnoSoft's engineers and maintains close relationships with many of InnoSoft's long-standing clients. Jeff lives in Waterloo, ON with his young family.

Jeff Berg

Chief Technology Officer, Waterloo, ON
Stephen works in InnoSoft's sales team responding to RFPs and facilitating demonstrations. Most clients meet Stephen for the first time at trade shows and conferences. Stephen's love of sports and recreation started at an early age running track, playing basketball, volleyball and football, sports he now coaches. College sports are Stephen's passion from UCLA basketball to Michigan football.

Stephen Burey

Sales Executive, London, ON
Paul Duerden is on the sales team at InnoSoft Canada Inc. Prior to selling Fusion Paul enjoyed traveling the world playing for the Canadian Men's Volleyball team as well as a professional career of 14 years overseas. When he's not demonstrating Fusion he can be found shuttling his 5 kids around town, working out with his wife at her gym, or providing on-air analysis for CBC + Sportnet.

Paul Duerden

Sales Executive, London, ON
When Ugbad first started at InnoSoft as a Project Manager, she demonstrated that she was a strong leader who is eager to learn new skills and tackle new challenges. She hasn't slowed down and has only continued to impress both staff and clients with her energy and positive attitude.

Ugbad Farah

Project Manager, London, ON
Brian co-founded InnoSoft and is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the business, running the sales, finance, and back-office operations at our London, ON headquarters. Brian is an established leader in sports and recreation management, and an experienced tech entrepreneur. He lives with his family in London, ON where he is heavily involved in local sports and community sports initiatives.

Brian Foster

CEO, London, ON
Garth Gergerich has been in tech work since college, and has worked at Innosoft since 2013. He leads the Tier 2 support team, and oversees installations and updates for clients. His favorite movie is Aliens, and in his spare time he bikes around Rhode Island and paints tiny sci-fi models.

Garth Gergerich

Deployment Specialist, East Providence, RI
Pam is the Director of Fusion University & Consultation Services at InnoSoft. She has worked extensively with the University of Florida and University of Alabama. Pam loves spending time with her dog and new family, traveling anywhere, and walking on the beach. Pam believes in making a difference and is committed in helping InnoSoft to craft products and services that enrich the daily lives of our users.

Pamela Hightower

Director, Fusion University, Oak Harbor, WA
Since joining InnoSoft in 2013, Keegan has helped the company grow and succeed in almost every area possible. His passion for helping others, ability to adapt to unique situations and environments, and sincere intentions have made him a valued member of the team by both staff and clients.

Keegan Howlett

Manager, Client Engagement & Recruitment
Harrison has been with InnoSoft since the early days of Fusion. Joining in 2011 as a part of the Sales team, Harrison works closely with recreation directors and other collegiate administrators who are interested in Fusion. As head of the Sales team, he provides support for all business-related ventures and is a principal point of contact for those interested in demos or learning more about Fusion.

Harrison Kelly

Director of Sales, London, ON
Mary-Catherine Martinez has almost 10 years experience as a bilingual IT professional. Her past experience is both in education and the corporate world. For InnoSoft, Mary-Catherine works as both a trainer and a tier 2 support agent. This allows her to travel onsite to coach clients, and remotely assist with software and business operations questions.

Mary-Catherine Martinez

Implementation Specialist, Southern Pines, NC
Sneh has been with InnoSoft since September 2014. His easy-going attitude and positivity has been a great addition to the development team. Sneh loves the challenge of a difficult problem and the satisfaction of finding the right solution. When not coding, Sneh loves cricket, inspirational movies, and reading non-fiction.

Sneh Mehta

Software Developer, Waterloo, ON
As one of our most experienced trainers, JP continues to help cultivate a company culture in which clients' needs are always at the forefront of any business decision and action. When JP isn’t busy training, traveling, and supporting, he can be found with his family playing superdad/husband while enjoying an episode of Dr. Who.

JP Parrish

Manager, Support & Training, New Orleans, LA
Steve is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing fantasy hockey and football. Having recently graduated from the computer science program at University of Waterloo, he brings an ambitious and optimistic attitude to the InnoSoft development team. Outside of work Steve has been known to share a pint over board games with his colleagues and friends.

Steve Roefs

Software Developer, Waterloo, ON
Craig is the most experienced Software Developer at InnoSoft and has over 15 years of campus recreation software development experience. His contributions as a trainer, mentor, and support agent has added great value to InnoSoft. He has put his mind and heart into Fusion to build a client-focussed solution.

Craig Sherwood

Senior Software Developer, Waterloo, ON
A member of the Michigan Tech Varsity Hockey program, Tyler excelled both on the ice and in the classroom, being awarded scholastic awards and leadership positions within the program. His leadership and drive has been a positive addition to the InnoSoft bench.

Tyler Skworchinski

Project Manager, London, ON
Tamara received an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and minor in Anthropology from McMaster University, and then realized that she was not cut out for a life in a lab environment. Since then she has done everything from manning a phone at a busy call centre, to coordinating account relationships with Hospitals and clinics, to booking retreats at a camp and conference centre.

Tamara Speziali

Software Support Specialist, London, ON
Laura is InnoSoft’s Office Manager, or the “Office Glue” as we like to call her. Not only is she one of the first faces to see around the office each morning, but she’s also the friendly face you can find helping every department with anything they might need.

Laura Tandaric

Business Manager, London, ON
Nathan Tarr is one of InnoSoft Canada’s all-star trainers. He is a certified teacher with years of Fusion experience. In addition to his training duties, he is the leader of our London based support team. Nate has solved over a thousand support tickets submitted by our clients.

Nate Tarr

Technical Specialist, Projects, London, ON
Jason joined the InnoSoft team in 2014. Jason loves the outdoors and spent much of his earlier years coaching soccer and working in outdoor education and as a camp counsellor. He holds a Bachelors of Education which is put to good use on a daily basis, providing quality support and guidance to our users. Jason also oversees the development of our online user manuals and Knowledge Base.

Jason Tsotsos

Client Support Specialist, London, ON
Eric joined the InnoSoft team in 2013 from an eLearning background, and has been in the industry since 2010. Eric's work ethic and caffeine-induced productivity is the driving force behind web related projects, he loves taking on new problems and finding unique efficient solutions, all the while mentoring the web dev team.

Eric Weber

Software Developer, Waterloo, ON
Rod is our very own, humble, guitar-playing Western University grad from Sault Ste Marie, ON. Rod puts his Computer Science degree to good use, helping Tier 2 agents with script writing and database tuning. When Rod's not working on support tickets, he can be found playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.

Rod Wilson

Software Support Specialist, London, ON