What does Fusion do?

We built Fusion to deliver the most powerful and intuitive set of features for facility managers and end users. Every workflow we designed after careful collaboration and rigorous real world testing.

Fusion let’s you quickly set up all your GL accounts and track them over any accounting period. With our tools, you can quickly drill down from the account to the invoice/order and customer. Accounts receivable aging and data exports for external account systems are also available.
No matter what the payment method, cash, credit, EFT or on account (and more), Fusion makes it easy for customers to pay and you to track it. To simplify billing you can setup automatic recurring billing for EFT, Payroll Deduction and Pre­Authorized Payment. Members can even pay their outstanding invoices online if they prefer. You can authorize a credit limit for a member or funds can be added to their account directly.
Whether it’s March break or Summer time, our responsive web-based solution let’s parents enroll and sign up their campers for additional items like meal plans or extended day programs. Payment processing and tracking medical information or special needs is easy and secure.
More info on this feature coming soon.
Fast and easy online booking of any type of court. Manage tennis, squash, racquetball or anything that has bookable time slots. Players can easily check in and get notified when their opponents have also arrived.
Easily manage the interaction between your department and your members or potential members. You can generate reminders for services that are expiring soon or outstanding equipment, target non­members with a promotion or quickly notify participants of a program cancellation.
Being able to data mine your own data is priceless. Whether it’s just to get some details on members or to generate the data for a new report, our query builder provides a simple interface between you and your data.
Simply swipe and tap to checkout any piece of equipment. Touch screen ready and optimized for high speed and efficient check ins and outs. Fusion allows for customized hotkeys and easily lets you see and track outstanding equipment. Notifications can be sent manually or automatically which helps eliminate inventory shrinkage dramatically.
Let your members easily browse and reserve specific items for their upcoming events or trips. Reserve online and pickup in person. Staff can quickly see the reservations at a glance for the current customer or the entire day. Everything is done in a very streamlined process to ensure the best member experience.
Having unauthorized people in your facilities can be a huge liability. With our extensive hardware integration options and options like passback, ID version checking and suspensions we help solve that problem. Easily manage what members have access to what facilities when.
Our centralized calendar allows you to entirely manage all your facilities and programs and classes in one easy to use place. Generate rental agreements as needed, manage conflicts and expose custom calendars online for your member’s convenience.
Fusion lets you easily sell guest passes online and in person. You can setup multiple types of passes with multiple price points. Guest passes are emailed to the customer or available to view and print online. The guest can print or have their phone scanned to quickly redeem a pass.
Fusion’s built­in ID Card Designer allows you to easily design and customize all kinds of IDs. Easy integration with card printers allows you to print and reprint lost cards. Bar codes and mag stripes can also be encoded.
More info on this feature coming soon.
More info on this feature coming soon.
Fusion lets you manage and sell all your products, apparel and concessions. You can track inventory, brands and suppliers. Our pricing tools and powerful pricing model allows for many pricing options.
Our member portal looks good on any screen allowing your members to buy or register for just about anything you sell. Members can also go online to book a facility, view your calendars, reserve a piece of equipment for a trip. New members can sign up and existing members can sign in utilizing any of our extensive sign on options.
Our utilization based membership called a multi-visit pass is super easy to configure and ultra convenient. This eliminates the need for a punch card system and lets you offer access to your facilities limited to a specific number of visits. Setup as many passes as needed to give you more flexibility with pricing, number of visits and what facilities can be accessed.
Parking passes can now be managed easily with Fusion. You control who you sell them too or you can even include a parking pass with various program registrations. If your facilities are multi-location, each program could include a different parking pass if needed. Track vehicle information with each pass and easily control when it’s active and the duration.
We’ve build our platform to be as flexible as possible which has allowed us to integrate with over 25 online payment processors. Integrations with Shift4 and Touchnet have allowed us to offer automated recurring billing making the customer experience simple and smooth.
To ensure compliance, we’ve selected the best 3rd party payment processors to process, store and transmit credit card information for you. Since we never see or touch credit card information directly, Fusion remains outside the scope of PA DSS requirements.
Optimized for touch screens, Fusion’s POS interface let’s you sell faster and easier. Through careful and consistent design, Fusion actually reduces the time it takes to train new staff. Fusion also integrates with receipt printers and cash drawers for the full POS experience. Email receipts are standard and fully customizable.
Tracking attendance couldn’t be easier with Fusion’s multiple check in options. Instructors can utilize the Fusion application or their own mobile device at a remote location. Class lists can also be printed with configurable options to ensure everything you need is on the list.
More info on this feature coming soon.
Decision making is easy when you’ve got all the information. With over 150 built in reports you can find out exactly what you need to know. If you don’t see the exact report you want you can design it with our advanced custom reporting tools.
Fusion was designed from the ground up for security. With role­based permissions and user management, you control exactly who has access to what. To simplify sign on, we’ve integrated with single­sign­on solutions like Google, Microsoft, Shibboleth, and CAS. LDAP and Active Directory support is also available.
Our interactive Kiosk Application was developed to automate the biometric hand ­enrollment process when using hand scanners. Additionally, the kiosk can help with memberships, membership renewals and waivers and is fully configurable.
Our Student Information System (SIS) integration helps manage membership, eligibility, login and biometric data. Data feed formats can vary and can come from multiple sources such as Ellucian Banner, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar or Datatel.
Fusion gives you several premium ways to manage and track your customers towel usage. You can sell towel service separately or automatically include it with a membership. You can also set let members have more than one towel out at a time. Online sales and renewals are available as well as in person.
Need to have your members sign a waiver before registration or using the facility - Fusion has you covered. We turn any touchscreen device into a signature capture device. You can reprint a copy of the waiver the member signed as it read the day they signed it.