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Offering complete payment, sign-in and reporting integrations with Fusion and a clean, ad-free interface, FusionIM provides an experience to both your league managers and participants that is simply worth paying for.

FusionIM Payments

The Gift of Time

Powerful workflows save staff hours of scheduling and configuration work.

FusionIM Reports

Always on Duty

FusionIM is watching, so you don't have to, automatically collecting and storing everything you need for your leagues to run smoothly.

FusionIM Suspensions

Mix It Up.

Different games, different rules. You define how each league or season will run, it's always your call.

FusionIM Reports

Game Focused

We're here to play. FusionIM is ad free and always will be to ensure a positive user experience.


Flexible Fee Structures

Dynamic Scheduling

Put the headache medication away. Our scheduling algorithm takes the locations, timeslots and teams you've entered and instantly creates the matchups. Bad weather or team forfeits can throw a wrench in the plan. Our matchmaker and bracket editor features let you tweak playoff matchups or create games on the fly, to keep teams in action.

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Ejection & Injury Forms

If something goes wrong it needs to be dealt with quickly. Electronic ejection and injury forms are the answer. Game site staff can quickly complete and submit the forms while Fusion notifies key staff and automatically applies an account suspension if required.

Push Notification

Accounts & Eligibility

Integration has it's privileges. Single-sign-on grants access to your users via their existing credentials. Once logged in, FusionIM can then perform an eligibility check to ensure that user has the right to play - referencing staff defined criteria.

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Payments & Reports

Money in, data out. Choose to charge by team, player, or not at all. FusionIM can handle your fee structure(s) with ease. With all transactions funneling through your existing Fusion payment integration, the power of the reporting library underpins FusionIM as well.

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Since our transition to FusionIM, our participants have loved the new software. It is clean and simple to understand, so players and captains are able to find what they are looking for quickly. We've also found that students also greatly appreciate being able to manage their entire RecSports experience through one site and one account.

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