InnoSoft Fusion Product Updates

A new Fusion release is here and up for grabs!

You asked, and we listened. Our summer was spent hard at work to bring you some of the most talked-about features on our Ideas Portal to Fusion. Most of those features had to do with a specific department that was patiently waiting for some Fusion love. Outdoor Recreation, we have you covered with In-Person Equipment Reservation. But we didn’t stop there, this release is packed with some great features for everyone to enjoy.

Any votes that were cast for features added in this update will be released back to the voters. Make sure you check out the Ideas Portal to re-assign these votes to something new! We love hearing from you, so even if you have used all your votes, leave feedback and suggestions in the comment section of Ideas you can’t vote for but are interested in.

If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes contained within this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.

Post Update Steps for Success Version v3.1.1


Creation of Accounts Payable

Credit on Account has been split into Credit on Account (Accounts Receivable) and Money in Account (Accounts Payable) to allow for greater flexibility in these internal Fusion payment and accounting methods. During the update process, each Member or Organization account will be split and calculated automatically.

Changes to Credit on Account in 3.1.1+

Money in Account

Money in Account can now be used for scenarios where a Customer or Organization wants to load their account with funds to pay for in-person purchases or invoice payments. Credit can also continue to be used for in person purchases if credit is extended on an account and fees applied to an account will be run through Credit on Account.


In Person Equipment Reservations

Fusion now has in-person Equipment Reservation capabilities. This means that a reservation for single or multiple Equipment Inventory items can be created to ensure that these items are available for a customer or an internal group during a certain period of time. Equipment Reservations can be updated, cancelled, or updated by a Fusion user.

Equipment Inventory Management

A Maintenance feature has been added to the Equipment screen. This allows a user to move an Equipment Inventory item out of circulation and prevent it from being checked out again until its moved back into the rental pool. This functionality would help in workflows where Equipment needs to be inspected before its re-rented or if the Equipment comes back damaged. With this functionality addition, a new "Maintenance" view has been added to keep tabs on what items are out of circulation and why.


New changes to FusionIM user interface.

Double Forfeits

A Round Robin game within FusionIM can now be finalized with a Double Forfeit. This is available on the Game Details page in the Game Actions menu.

Game Details Page Enhancements

The Game Details page has also been upgraded with a status section to help identify when a game has been finalized or updated, when this happened, and who changed the status.

Management Page Enhancements

The filters on the Management page now remain after travelling to another page, a link back to the Management page is also generated on the Team Details page to aid in the Management workflows.


Web Accessibility

We’ve added the ability to configure Alt Text for images that can be found on the Member Portal. Alt text is a tag used by screen readers and other web accessibility products to help customers with disabilities or special needs understand the page they are browsing. For more information on the purpose of Alt Text and best practices, please see Web Accessibility Initiative Tips & Tricks.

How to Configure Alt Text for Member Portal Images


Down Payments

What do kids camps and outdoor adventure programming have in common? Down Payments! Now you can allow your customers to pay only a portion of the total cost of a program up-front, and invoice the rest. The amount charged up front (the Down Payment) and the amount to be invoiced can be configured to any amount you’d like. Down Payments can be used both in-person and online

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