InnoSoft Fusion Product Updates v3.2.0

New Year New Update!

We are welcoming the new decade with some fresh, new features to Fusion and FusionIM. From fresh designs to simplifying your day, we're excited about what these features mean for you.

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Any votes that were cast for features added in this update will be released back to voters. Make sure you check out the Ideas Portal to reassign these votes to something new. We love hearing from you, so please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section of Ideas.

If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes in this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.

Multi-Visit Passes

Waivers Added Online & In Person

Waivers can now be added to Multi-Visit Passes and will appear during an online or in-person sale. That's not all, multiple waivers can be attached!

An Introduction to Multi-Visit Passes

How to Configure Your Multi-Visit Passes

Custom Prompts Added to Online Sales

Any Custom Prompts you have configured for Multi-Visit Passes will now appear during an online sale. Make sure your prompts are customer-facing friendly!


Design & Content Updated for Email Templates

Every email template in Fusion has been overhauled with a modern, new look and new content. FusionIM email templates have also been renamed for better clarification and organization. If you've customized your email templates, the new changes will not override them. To get the new look, simply reset your templates to the default.

How to Configure and Manage Email Templates


Resetting a Customer's Password

With a few clicks, staff can prompt Fusion to send a password reset email to a customer if they are having trouble logging in to their account online. This can be initiated in the Fusion Client within Search or a Member Record.

How to Reset a Customer's Password


Acceptance Details

Waivers now offer more detail, like who accepted a waiver as well as when and where it was accepted. This allows you to print or export the waiver and have all relevant details included within it.

Updated Waiver Details at Facility Access

We've made it easier for staff and members to determine how many waivers must be signed before entering a facility.

Facility Access Waivers for Minors

We've also simplified the process when it comes to managing waivers for minors before entering the facility. Staff will now have the ability to select the Physical Signature option signifying that a legal parent/guardian has signed a physical waiver on behalf of the minor.

How to Sign a Facility Access Waiver for a Minor


Enhanced Search Results for Add Player

When searching for players to add, FusionIM will now display all results even if they are ineligible to be added. The results will also show why they can't be added, such as suspensions, missing memberships, not meeting the specified gender requirement, or already registered in the League.

Enhanced Printed Game Sheets

A Player Status column has been added to every Game Sheet type. This will allow staff to see players that are suspended, haven't paid their invoices, haven't signed their Waiver, or are missing a required membership. Each sheet type has also been visually updated to have a consistent format.

Team Composition Reporting

We've added the ability to set team minimums within League configuration. Customize up to two (2) minimum groupings of any gender combination to help you keep track. FusionIM won't yet enforce these minimum requirements for registering teams. However, the new Teams report page will allow you to look at how registered teams compare against your set minimum requirements. The Teams report page is also useful to see a breakdown of how many players are on each registered team, regardless of having minimum requirements enabled.

All Tournament Games in Game Day

All tournament games will now appear in Game Day, regardless of progression or if placeholders exist. The use of 'PLACEHOLDER' has also been changed to 'TBD' in Game Day.



We know that notifications are an essential part of your organization, and that’s why we worked hard to make them as efficient as possible. Making the experience better for admins and members was top of mind. Let’s explore these new features!


Want to know how many people have opted in to receive notifications? We’ve got that data for you! FusionGO will now display how many people will receive your notifications before hitting send.

Targeted Groups

Gone are the days of blanket notifications. Create groups that members can easily opt into and control the notifications they receive. Now your Thursday evening swimmers won’t receive messages about that canceled yoga class.


Have a busy week ahead of you and want to schedule your notifications in advance? Now you can! The notification system will automatically send your message when the time is right. Set it and forget it!

FusionGO push notification settings

Login Token

Say hello to our new flow--keeping members logged in. Logins are captured natively in the app, meaning members are only required to log in once. With the member logged in, transitions back and forth between the app and your web portal are seamless for registrations or any other activity. Just like the Fusion web portal, inactive sessions within FusionGO will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

FusionGO login tokenization

Next Steps

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